Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving forward on IPv6

One of the things I'm not particularly proud of is that until now Harritronics has been strictly an IPv4 affair. This means that the site hasn't been reachable from IPv6 networks.

I'm a big advocate of IPv6. I believe it's the way forward, it's what IP should have been in the first place. One of the hold-ups has been Google, who are being a little overly careful with their rollout of the technology, only allowing use of Google services, with some exceptions, from specific ISPs.

Today I switched Harritronics DNS to use Google's IPv6-supporting servers. This is a particular group of servers that support IPv6, regardless of ISP. If you use Google Apps and want to do the same thing, point anything that currently points at to point, instead, at

I'm sure you don't care, but I do. I like doing things properly. And supporting IPv6 now is doing things properly.

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