Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is Honeycomb ready for prime time?

It doesn't sound like the Google tablet operating system is quite there yet.

Reading BGR's review of the T-Mobile G-Slate, it sounds like the overall design of Android Honeycomb, the user interface concepts, etc, are great, but the system itself is poorly implemented. When I tried using the system under the Android SDK emulator, I found it unbelievably slow but put that down to the hardware I was running it on. Apparently though, it is slow even on high performance hardware, and it shouldn't be.

I was holding off buying such a thing because of the uncertainty about the state of Honeycomb's openness (see my blog entry on the supportability of proprietary vs open software for more details on why I'm not going to hop on to a "new", minority system that isn't free and open source) but it's beginning to sound like waiting is a good strategy anyway. The system needs to be fixed, and I suspect that's the real reason why Google is sitting on it.

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