Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog housekeeping - comments policies and updates

I've made a number of changes to Paul's blog over the last week or two, in some cases to help people out, in others because I'm trying to use it, to a certain extent, as a tool to help me better serve my customers and employers by getting a better idea of how these things work, so bear with me, and if you see a change you really don't like, let me know.
  • Not many people leave comments, but if you do be aware that, for the moment, comments are moderated but anonymous comments are allowed. This is because I had an issue reported to me about being unable to log in (and when I experimented later, I found that even when it worked it was confusing.)
  • Comments will generally be posted, but needless to say, be polite, honest, and on-topic as comments that aren't will go into the bit bucket.
  • Advertising on this site is provided by Google. From what I can figure out, the ads seem to be mostly on-topic and I haven't seen any that were obnoxious. If you find them obtrusive or obnoxious, let me know, send me a screenshot if the latter as I have some options in terms of barring the display of some ads. If you're wondering how much money I make from them, let's just say that Google requires a minimum of $100 before they send you a check, and at the current rate I'm expecting my first check sometime around 2021...
  • This blog has generally, thus far, covered my opinions, largely on technical issues. I'm in the process of setting up a site that'll cover practical issues and solutions to specific problems, stay tuned.
Thanks for reading!


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