Thursday, March 31, 2011

Announcing the most important tool for Twitter users ever invented

Harritronics is very proud to announce a major breakthrough that will help anyone who has ever tried to share a URL via Twitter or an SMS message.

As you may know, these messaging systems limit users to a mere 140 characters per message. Many URLs are more than 140 characters in length, and simply cannot be shared using these tools.

Given this limitation, you would have expected others to step up to the plate, to make tiny URLs, URLs that are a bit of the size of the original, but try as I might, I have yet to find such a tool.

So we are very pleased to announce the world's first tool to allow users to share URLs with others via Twitter and SMS. It's called Paul's Really Good URL Shortener, and you can use it at

This amazing tool allows you to use shorter URLs in place of larger ones. Simply enter the URL in the box provided, and long URLs like:

become shorter, easy to use URLs like:

This is powerful tool is completely free, for the entire first day of April. Once you use it, you'll never want to use anything else.

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