Monday, August 16, 2010


I had a very strange conversation with my wife and my step father a while ago. Both said that when they met me, they found me intimidating. You see, they heard that I'm a computer programmer, and automatically assumed I was smart, and found that intimidating. Of course, once they got to know me, and discovered I was really a harmless, big, doofus, they didn't find it an issue any more.

Had a similar issue today. Our fence has collapsed, and I came across my neighbor fixing it.I hadn't made any attempts myself because, quite honestly, I wouldn't know where to start. This is ignorance on my part, and a fault: I should be doing something about my lack of knowledge, rather than running away from tasks that need that knowledge.

My neighbor, nice guy, getting on with it, knows exactly what to do, asked me if I wanted various things done, and I didn't really know what to tell him. I felt a tad awkward. He knew all of this stuff. I didn't.

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